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Texas Blockchain Council challenges US DoE on bitcoin mining data

Texas Blockchain Council challenges US DoE on bitcoin mining data

The Texas Blockchain Council (TBC), a non-profit industry association, has initiated legal action against the Energy Information Administration (EIA) over cryptocurrency mining data collection.

The EIA, part of the US Department of Energy, announced it would be conducting a mandatory survey focused on evaluating the electricity consumption by cryptocurrency mining activity in the US.

TBC said cryptocurrency mines have been asked to provide information such as specifications of the machine used in each facility, specific locations of mining operations, and contractual information relating to each commercial energy partner.

The legal filing stated: “This is a case about sloppy government process, contrived and self-inflicted urgency, and invasive government data collection.”

In their press release, TBC referred to this action as part of “a broader pattern of regulatory overreach that threatens the very fabric of innovation and economic growth.”

TBC’s action has been taken alongside one of their members Riot Platforms.

Lee Bratcher, president of the TBC, said: "The EIA's actions represent an alarming precedent of government intrusion into private industry operations without just cause or proper process. It's evident that this survey is not about grid stability, as bitcoin miners are the most flexible load on any grid, but is a targeted political effort led by figures like Elizabeth Warren."

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