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Kasisto launches KAI-GPT banking-specific LLM

Kasisto launches KAI-GPT banking-specific LLM

Conversational AI chatbot developer Kasisto has launched KAI-GPT, the world’s first banking-specific large language model (LLM).

Kasisto says its LLM empowers banks with the potential of generative AI to provide human-like, financially literate interactions at speed and scale.

The firm's first application to run on KAI-GPT is KAI Answers, a conversational response system that helps bankers locate, interpret and understand the information from a variety of sources, including policies, regulatory filings, procedures, web content, and complex financial products.

Westpac, the Australian banking giant that is both an investor in and client of Kasisto is already implementing KAI Answers.

David Walker, the bank's CTO, says: "Despite all the discussions about the future implications of generative AI in banking, Kasisto has made it a reality today through its real-world banking application of generative AI.

What’s unique about Kasisto is that KAI-GPT is a banking industry-specific LLM - which means it’s more accurate, safe and intuitive while delivering ChatGPT-like conversational experiences."

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