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Financial wellness fintech Elifinty launches

Financial wellness fintech Elifinty launches

UK startup Elifinty has launched its open banking-based "socially conscious" debt management platform for consumers and creditors.

The firm is taking aim at what it calls the fragmented and confusing debt management market through the launch of its EliHUB end-to-end platform. Harnessing the power of open banking and AI, Elifinity provides consumers with tailored debt support, spend management tools and a direct connection to professional advisors and creditors.

In partnership with Impact on Urban Health, Elifinty has initially rolled out EliHUB in the London borough of Southwark and Lambeth, and will soon welcome all UK consumers to its platform.

Meanwhile, banks, utility providers, housing associations and other creditors can access TrustConnect, Elifinty’s platform dedicated to connecting businesses with their customers.

Maysam Rizvi, CEO, Elifinity, says: "It’s unbelievable that until now, customers had nowhere to turn to receive fast and tailored advice for their financial problems despite the advances we’ve made in the financial sector through open banking.

"We have used open banking to make it easy for people to get an online bank account, the best mortgage deal or a loan in a matter of minutes - why not use open banking to give people fast and tailored financial advice too?"

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