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B2B payment platform Paytently moves out of stealth

B2B payment platform Paytently moves out of stealth

Paytently, a B2B payment orchestration platform founded by industry pros from Merill Lynch, Checkout.com, Trustly, and TrueLayer, has moved out of stealth.

The company's AI-driven platform streamlines transactions by intelligently routing them to the ideal acquirer, offering local acquiring in more than 35 markets with over 50 payment connections worldwide.

The package covers the entire lifecycle of merchant needs, encompassing support for card processing and issuing, alternative payment methods, Iban and FX routing, POS terminals and outsourced engineering options.

The offering also includes a risk engine designed to protect businesses against chargebacks and fraud.

Samuel Barrett, Paytently CEO, says the company's approach balances boutique appeal with the capabilities of a major player in the payments industry.

"We couldn't be more excited to launch Paytently, a solution that not only stands out in the crowd but takes the hassle out of payments," he says. "Our seasoned team knows the ins and outs of the industry’s needs and we are fully committed to ensuring this cutting-edge platform is a perfect fit."

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