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BIS Innovation Hub opens in Paris and Frankfurt

BIS Innovation Hub opens in Paris and Frankfurt

The Bank for International Settlements has opened its European Hub, located in both Paris and Frankfurt, with a focus on decentralised finance, wholesale CBDC, cyber security and green finance.

The Hub will be staffed by a multi-disciplinary team working with central banks across the region to investigate some of the most pressing technology challenges facing the international financial system

Four distinct projects have been defined for the Hub's input:

  • Project Leap will investigate and test cryptographic solutions that can withstand the vastly improved processing power of quantum computers. The goal is - together with Banque de France and Deutsche Bundesbank, the project partners within the Eurosystem - to test use cases in various payment systems and examine how the introduction of new quantum-resistant cryptographic protocols will affect their performance.
  • Project Gaia explores the use of natural language processing, optical character recognition and machine learning to extract climate-related data from corporate reports. The project, conducted with Banco de España and Deutsche Bundesbank, will develop an open-source database of corporate reports, as well as a full-text search engine to identify sustainability-related disclosures and data visualisation tools to facilitate climate and environmental risk assessments.
  • Project Atlas - run in partnership Deutsche Bundesbank and De Nederlandsche Bank - will create an open-source data platform to provide information on market capitalisation, economic activity and international flows of cryptoassets
  • Project Mariana explores automated market-makers for the cross-border exchange of hypothetical Swiss franc, euro and Singapore dollar wholesale CBDCs. Mariana is a joint project of the BIS Innovation Hub, the Banque de France, the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Swiss National Bank.

The Eurosystem Hub is part of a concerted global effort by central banks to get on top of emerging technologies. It forms part of a network that currently spans Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Stockholm and Switzerland.


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