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NextGen Nordics 2023: Speakers announced!

NextGen Nordics 2023: Speakers announced!

NextGen Nordics will return to Stockholm on 25 April 2023, and we will be welcoming a range of speakers who will discuss topics such as P27, cross border payments, open banking, BNPL, CBDCs, digital assets and Web 3.0.

The first half of the day will cover developments with P27, the pan-Nordic superhighway and move on to cover Nordic harmonisation, the future of technology and the building blocks that will pave the way to an innovation North Star.

This will be followed by an interactive lunchtime session where for the first time at NextGen Nordics, attendees will have 30 minutes to ask our panel of experts any payments related question.

The event will then look to future trends and explore the opportunities beyond payments, what could enable the API economy and what the unintended consequences of innovation are.

Attendees will leave questioning whether efficient payments can be conducted in the physical and the virtual, and if increased regulation will lead to parallel or alternative structures.

Our keynote speakers and panellists are listed below:

  • Paula da Silva, P27 Nordic Payments
  • Martin Georgzen, P27
  • Patrik Havander, Visa
  • Jonas Palm, BNP Paribas
  • Krister Billing, SEB
  • Beju Shah, Bank for International Settlements
  • Mats Persson Bergius, Lunar
  • Robert Pehrson, SEB
  • Jozef Klaassen, AIIA
  • Christoffer Malmer, SEB
  • Einar Eidsson, indó iceland
  • Anders Olofsson, Tieto
  • Ted Scheiman, SWIFT
  • Emilio Rocchi, LexisNexis
  • Nicolas Kozakiewicz, Worldline
  • Dr Hubertus von Poser, PPI
  • Daragh Kirby, Intercope
  • Christian Schwarz, Finastra
  • Ville Sointu, Ericsson
  • Sarah Häger, Enable Banking
  • Manish Malhotra, Infosys
  • Fredrik Wiklund Bysted, principal secretary for the Swedish government's official payment investigation

Register for NextGen Nordics here.

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