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DNB automates chat traffic with AI-powered virtual agent

DNB automates chat traffic with AI-powered virtual agent

Nordic bank DNB has automated more than half of its chat traffic by using Boost.ai's conversational AI platform.

DNB has been using Boost.ai-powered virtual agents as the first line of support for customers, helping it to handle the huge volume of incoming customer requests on its website.

Within the first six months, the bank's virtual agent, Aino, was automating over 50% of all incoming chat traffic, and it now automates over 20% of all customer service requests. To date, the bot has interacted with over one million customers.

DNB now has 15 full-time staffers dedicated to training the virtual agents on how best to respond to customers and employees and when to hand over enquiries to a human agent. Boost.ai says the technology is also helping employee focus on the complex tasks they were trained for rather than more menial administrative work.

Jan Thomas Lerstein, SVP, head of IT emerging technologies, DNB, says: "In leveraging AI, our aim is to revitalise our value chains, creating better service for our customers and, of course, value for the bank.

"This is just the start of our journey too. We are already looking at voice APIs and how we can achieve higher levels of personalisation with this technology, and we will continue to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with conversational AI. In improving efficiency, the sky’s the limit."

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