M&G Investments automates IT audit with Tally Systems

M&G Investments automates IT audit with Tally Systems

UK-based M&G Investments has chosen software supplier Tally Systems' TS.Census application to manage its IT assets across its operations.

Under the agreement, the system will keep track of all the software and hardware, including 2300 PCs, installed on M&G's network at its offices in Chelmsford and London.

Michael Barclay, senior technician at M&G Investments, explains: "Previously we had to audit the PCs manually. It generally took two weeks to audit just 1000 PCs. Now with TS.Census the audit of 2300 PCs can be achieved in a matter of hours, and more importantly we can do desktop audits once a week, and maintain an up-to-date report of what is actually on the network."

By comparing the weekly reports, the IT team can see if any software or hardware has been installed or removed from the network. The information produced in the report is also used to monitor hardware and software usage and licence availability.

Barclay adds: "As a company, M&G needed an inventory tool for ensuring our software licences are up-to-date. It is important that we can match up the software licences we have against the software that is being used on the desktops."

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