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Crook jailed for selling software to compromise bank accounts

Crook jailed for selling software to compromise bank accounts

A man has been sentenced to four and a half years in prison by a London court for selling criminals access to computer software that enabled them to compromise bank accounts.

Timmy Ijie pleaded guilty to supplying computer software for fraudulent purposes and money laundering.

Ijie sold access to the service to other criminals via an encrypted messaging system at a cost of $700 for a monthly subscription, payable in cryptocurrency. The service was bought over a thousand times, with sales of over £1 million.

The software enabled users to dupe people into handing over their personal banking information, which was then used to bypass bank security systems, say authorities.

Alistair Dickson of the Crown Prosecution Service, says: "Ijie boasted on social media how successful this software was, in enabling the commission of fraud.

"He bragged that, in one day alone, it had been used by criminals to defraud over 150 victims and posted positive reviews from criminals who had successfully used the software."

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