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Spiros Margaris and CFP launch active fintech value investment product

Spiros Margaris and CFP launch active fintech value investment product

Fintech influencer and VC Spiros Margaris is to create a basket of fintech stocks for clients of Swiss investment management firm Cat Financial Products.

Swiss-born Margaris is the founder of Margaris Ventures, a venture capital fund with investments in the likes of stcpay, wefox and Canopy.

The partnership with CPF will give investors the chance to invest in 'Margaris No.1 Fintech Value Basket', a diversified portfolio of 25 fintech stocks with strong growth potential and robust business models. Given the wayward market conditions afflicting tech stocks at the moment, the investment style as well as the investment ratio will be continuously adjusted to reflect the general market and macroeconomic conditions.

Margaris says it is becoming more and more difficult to select companies that will not only shape the future of finanial services, but also demonstrate strong and robust business models. In addition, there is the need to identify relevant partnerships between established companies and start-ups at an early stage and to identify potential acquisitions in this sector.

"I believe strongly that the great fintech opportunities are still ahead of us since the embedded finance trend will further open up competition and opportunities," he says. "We haven’t seen anything yet, just that the low-hanging fruits have been picked up. Now starts the real disruption of the financial service industry."

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