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Meta and Chime sue alleged phishing scammers

Meta and Chime sue alleged phishing scammers

Meta and digital banking giant Chime have filed a first-of-its-kind joint lawsuit against two Nigerian-based individuals they say have been using Facebook and Instagram for phishing attacks designed to get access to victims' financial accounts.

Meta says that between March 2020 and October 2021, the defendants engaged in attacks intended to lure people using Facebook and Instagram to phishing websites with the goal of accessing their Chime accounts and withdrawing funds.

To conceal their activities, the pair used a network of computers to control over 800 impersonating Facebook and Instagram accounts and evade "technical enforcement measures," says the complaint.

Meta says that it filed the suit after taking several other measures, including disabling Facebook and Instagram accounts, blocking impersonating domains on its services and sending a cease and desist letter.

Jessica Romero, director, platform enforcement and litigation, Meta, says: "This lawsuit is a clear signal to those who would seek to engage in similar abuse that this behaviour will not be tolerated."

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