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ISD FENIQS launches low-code connector for Nordigen's API

ISD FENIQS launches low-code connector for Nordigen's API

IT consulting agency, ISD FENIQS, has today launched a low-code connector on the Outsystems platform, which works with account information on Nordigen's API.

The connector means developers can integrate Nordigen's API open banking data into their application, on the Outsystems platform. Using open code modules, connectors, UI components, and business solutions, OutSystems allows developers to build applications without writing all the code themselves.

“It was exciting to develop a connector to work with account information on Nordigen's API, which can be used to build customer facing products and internal IT solutions,” said Stefan Weber, senior manager at ISD FENIQS. “It has never been easier to integrate banking data into your own applications. We expect many applications will be developed by the low-code community using our connector.”

Rolands Mesters, CEO of Nordigen, added: “The connector that ISD FENIQS has developed is a low-code solution that makes working with Nordigen's open banking data easier than ever before. It makes the data more accessible and allows companies to focus on building their business rather than coding from zero.”

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