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To The Moon adds debit card to mobile network bundle

To The Moon adds debit card to mobile network bundle

Mobile virtual network operator To The Moon has added a debit card to its SIM-only offering, enabling users to manage their network and finance needs in one space.

To the Moon CEO, Andy Hallam says the company's mobile hybrid service is a direct response to the behaviours and needs of its customers, who manage most of their networks, subscriptions and banking services from their mobile devices.

"By consolidating the management of an ongoing monthly outgoing - like a mobile contract - with a banking system that sits within the same interface, users will be able to keep better track of their spending, whilst also being able to adjust their flexible mobile data and call plans each month according to their needs," says Hallam.

Available in both GBP and EUR currencies, the virtual debit card can be opened in seconds, without ID, when having a To The Moon Mobile account.

For the first 1000 customers, To The Moon will be offering a special orange limited edition card. After that it will be a teal card to match the brand's company colours.

The company, which was launched in 2020 as a SIM-only network powered by EE, is offering a £10 welcome bonus to all mobile customers who take up the debit account.

Users will be able to link their TTM debit cards with Apple Pay and Google Pay by end of November.

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