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BVNK launches digital asset financial services platform

BVNK launches digital asset financial services platform

A London-based digital asset financial services platform called BVNK has launched, promising to remove the barriers that prevent businesses and financial service providers from realising the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

BVNK wants to make the use of crypto financial services more accessible, helping its clients manage treasury, payment and investment operations for digital assets from a single account.

It is offering a business account which provides a ‘Know Your Business’ process for access to GBP/EUR/USD and digital asset wallets. Firms can manage settlement, exchange and payment from a single account interface.

This interface also hosts BVNK Yield, where clients can put their capital to work and earn interest; and BVNK Markets for large volume digital asset trades. The startup has also developed BVNK Insights, which provides market intelligence to help customers make informed decisions.

The new venture is led by Jesse Hemson-Struthers, formerly CEO at Coindirect, which offered cross-border foreign exchange, powered by digital assets, in emerging markets.

Says Hemson-Struthers: "In a world of low interest yields and outdated infrastructure, digital assets are rapidly increasing in appeal. Unsurprisingly, there is a clear appetite among mid-market enterprises for financial services rooted in the world of cryptocurrencies.

It will take time however before mainstream banks incorporate digital assets. Meanwhile, existing crypto platforms only serve the extreme ends of the customer spectrum - that is, either small-scale retail customers or multi-million dollar institutional clients.

"BVNK aims to plug that gap in the mid-market and become the ‘go to’ choice among fast-growth international businesses and partners for digital asset financial services."

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