UK government funds research to tackle cybercrime

UK government funds research to tackle cybercrime

The UK government has launched the latest round of research funding into the development of new technologies to fight fraud and increase e-commerce security.

Four projects at UMIST, Paisley, York and Manchester universities will be given a total of £3 million to develop electronic solutions to help boost confidence in e-commerce and tackle fraud. They include research to combat mobile phone; tackle benefit fraud; develop software to improve e-trading processes; and address consumer and industry barriers to e-commerce.

E-commerce minister, Douglas Alexander says: "Consumer confidence is key in developing a thriving market trading online. Later this month we will provide a further boost with our campaign to raise consumer awareness on how to shop safely online."

Merrill Lynch and the Co-operative Bank are participating in two of the funded projects - on the development of safeguards for securing data passed over private trading exchanges and the development of privacy enhancing technologies for SMEs respectively.

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