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New Energy Nexus launches climate fintech cards and payments challenge

New Energy Nexus launches climate fintech cards and payments challenge

Global network of accelerators and funders of climate solutions, New Energy Nexus, has just announced the launch of its Climate Fintech: Cards & Payments Challenge (C&P Challenge).

The initiative brings together multinational financial institutions and fintech leaders to nurture collaboration opportunities with start-ups building digital financial climate solutions. The C&P Challenge is supported by Barclays US Consumer Bank; Rise, created by Barclays; Mastercard; Doconomy; and Patch.

Commenting on the initiative, Danny Kennedy, CEO, New Energy Nexus, said: “Our team is thrilled to launch the Cards and Payments Challenge with an incredible roster of strategic partners, together supporting fintech start-ups and innovations which aim to catalyse equitable decarbonisation.”

New Energy Nexus’ Challenge welcomes an applicant pool of diverse climate fintech solutions from across digital payments, digital wallets, credit assessment, rewards, benefits, insurance, and processing infrastructure - so long as the focal point is decarbonisation and better stewardship of the planet.

Key focus areas include:

  • Retail & Commercial Carbon Accounting & Footprinting
  • Sustainable eCommerce Connectivity
  • Green Digital Wallets & Mobile Payment
  • Sustainability Gamification & Incentivization
  • Reward Program Points and Benefit Structures for Emissions Offsetting or Renewable Energy
  • API Integration and “Green Open Banking”
  • Building a digestible “Green Score” & Consumer Education
  • Blockchain & DLT applications in sustainability
  • Insurance and related products
  • Additional Integration with Online Banking and Investment Products

Over $100,000 in cash prizes will be awarded to the winners of the challenge. The deadline for applications is October 1, 2021.

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