Marketers influence attitudes to e-billing, says research

Marketers influence attitudes to e-billing, says research

Over half of financial services industry marketing professionals believe e-billing is not as effective as postal billing, according to a new report from Pitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies.

The research company surveyed marketing professionals from the UK's top 1000 companies. Results of the survey show 57% of marketers within the banking and insurance industry believe e-billing is not an efficient medium for bill payment. Only 29% of respondents feel that e-billing will encourage recipients to pay their bills on time.

Pitney Bowes believes that marketing considerations relating to customer communications may be influencing the EBPP debate. Marketing messages are now commonplace on bills, statements and other financial documentation. Marketers seeing the results of this targeted, one-to-one approach may be less inclined to espouse the benefits of electronic presentment and delivery unless it can be equally effectively segmented, says Pitney Bowes DMT.

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