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Blackhawk Network partners with Disneyland in QR code offering

Blackhawk Network partners with Disneyland in QR code offering

With live events beginning to make a comeback, Blackhawk Network has partnered with Disneyland to launch a contactless ticket purchasing solution at retail locations across California.

Blackhawk Network is a privately held company that operates in the prepaid, gift card and payments industry. Its proprietary scan-to-buy platform, known as Scanlt, leverages Quick Response (QR) code technology to enable customers to buy tickets and passes from top retailers on-the-go - including at concerts, museums, zoos and other attractions.

According to Helena Mao, vice president of global product strategy at Blackhawk, “shoppers’ comfort with QR codes exploded in the last year.” Now, as consumers start to return to in-person events, the firm is continuing to innovate in the contactless payments space. “Our technology affords retailers the luxury of a content selection that is no longer hindered by physical space,” she added. “It gives shoppers access to a broader selection of digital content, such as e-tickets and digital gift cards, within a convenient purchase experience.”

Disneyland’s partnership with Blackhawk Network is timely. A March 2021 online survey conducted by Blackhawk found that consumer expectations for digital purchasing experiences is on the rise. Of the 13,006 respondents - from nine countries around the world - 73% said they want to be able to pay the same way they pay online, in store.

Looking ahead, Blackhawk Network said it will continue to accelerate digital payments transformation through the adoption of digital wallets, mobile apps, and contactless payments.

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