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Capchase raises $280m; launches BNPL platform for large business expenses

Capchase raises $280m; launches BNPL platform for large business expenses

Capchase, a US startup that helps company founders access non-dilutive capital, has raised $280 million in debt and equity financing to support the launch of a BNPL product that lets users split large expenses over time.

I80 Group led the round for Capchase, which was founded in 2020 to helps companies unlock cash that is otherwise tied up in future predictable revenue payments.

The new BNPL product, Capchase Expense Financing, promises to let founders manage their largest expenses - such as legal bills, AWS hosting services, payroll, and recruitment fees - without depleting their cash.

Repayment terms are fixed in either three, six, nine, or 12-month increments, helping firms to avoid large, immediate outflows, time their expenses with their revenue, and identify certain expenses that they would rather repay over time.

With the new funding in place, Capchase also plans to expand beyond its current markets of the US, UK and Spain to other European countries.

Miguel Fernandez, CEO, Capchase, says: "Managing large expenses and having to make difficult decisions over how they spend their cash is one of the most consistent and trying issues that our clients face. Now, Capchase users can pay upfront, get a discount, and split their expense payments over fixed monthly increments."

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