SmartStream introduces corporate actions package

SmartStream introduces corporate actions package

SmartStream Technologies has developed a component-based solution to automate the control and exception management processes for corporate events and dividends - including reporting, rights issues and other shareholder announcements.

SmartStream Corporate Actions is a fully integrated component of the company's Transaction Lifecycle Management product. The new solution is based on the forthcoming Swift ISO 15022 message standard - which replaces the current free format text with the more structured MT564/565 and 566 message types.

The automated solution will identify and validate the contents of each field and automatically reconcile messages such as dividend notification with data stored on internal systems or with external providers. The company's workflow software automatically tracks all corporate action events and generates the appropriate correspondence under the control of business rules, should any discrepancies arise or actions be missed. All exceptions are monitored and tracked through to successful resolution.

The company will be demonstrating its corporate actions solution at a seminar, to be held in partnership with CityIQ, on 29 November, 2.30pm-5.30pm at the City Conference Centre, London.

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