Credit Suisse investigates payments with Pegasystems

Credit Suisse investigates payments with Pegasystems

Credit Suisse is to use Pegasystems' technology to automate the processing of payments investigations and associated customer service requests throughout Switzerland.

The Pegasystems solution is being deployed across Credit Suisse sites in Zurich, Geneva, Berne, and Mendrissio. Up to 550 staff across these four centres will have immediate access to the Pegasystems software and will use it to review payment transactions, initiate and resolve investigations if discrepancies arise, and report back to customers on the status of their inquiries. The system will automatically generate customer correspondence in four languages.

In the next phase of the project, the Pegasystems technology is to be made available to branch office staff over the corporate intranet.

Running on Sun Unix boxes, the product interfaces to Credit Suisse's existing back-end banking systems, and is integrated with the bank's e-mail and Swift network terminals.

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