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NAB launches no-interest credit card

NAB launches no-interest credit card

National Australia Bank is offering an alternative to third party buy now, pay later offerings with the launch of an interest-free credit card.

The NAB StraightUp Card provides access to staged credit limits up to a maximum of $3000 for a flat monthly fee of between $10-$20.

Customers don’t pay the monthly fee if the card is not used and there are no other fees or charges.

NAB group executive, personal banking, Rachel Slade says the NAB StraightUp Card represents a completely new approach to credit.

“Credit cards have not really evolved in recent years. But our customers’ needs and expectations are changing and we want to change with them,” she says. “In the NAB StraightUp Card, we’ve created something completely different to every other credit card available today, with a simpler approach that makes it easy for customers to take control of their finances.”

She says that unlike Buy Now Pay Later services, NAB StraightUp Card offers a continuing line of credit, is available to use anywhere Visa is accepted, has no late payment fees, and allows customers to repay balances over a longer period of time.

The card does, however, impose higher minimum repayments than standard credit cards and does not allow cash advances or gambling transactions.

Customers who do not make the minimum payment will find their cards blocked by the bank. Customers can set up payment reminders using internet banking and will also receive SMS reminders three days out from their due date.

“The NAB StraightUp Card’s range of features means it is the simplest credit card offering in the market," says Slade. "And with many safeguards in place it can really help customers take control of their spending.”

Not to be outdone, NAB rival CBA whipped out its own plans to launch an equivalent card - CommBank Neo - in late 2020, and a no-interest card for business customers in early 2021. Like the NAB card, CommBank Neo will come with three pre-set credit limits and a slightly elevated monthly fee of between $12-$22. The T&Cs call for a minimum repayment of $25 or 2 per cent of the closing balance, whichever is greater

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