Liffe upgrades trading technology for equity markets push

Liffe upgrades trading technology for equity markets push

The London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (Liffe) has announced a programme of initiatives to develop its Equity futures and options markets.

The first phase of the programme, to be rolled out over the remainder of this year, encompasses significant improvements in Liffe's electronic market, distribution and products.

Dan Casey, managing director of marketing and development comments: "We have already seen significant growth this year in our Equity Options and UK and European Index product lines. Our extensive investment and development is driven by our customers' enthusiasm for the future potential of these markets."

Specifically, the initiatives comprise:

* significant improvements to the electronic market through the enhancement of the Liffe Conect Host software on 30 October, providing increased functionality such as new strategy trading facilities;
* expansion of trading access through the international distribution of Liffe Connect for Equity Options, beginning with Germany, France, Switzerland and The Netherlands;
* ensuring competitive markets quoted on each equity option through the introduction of a new market-making scheme, the Primary Market Maker scheme, in Individual Equity Options, phased in from 11 September;
* broader product appeal, particularly targeting private investors, through the launch of a Mini FTSE 100 index futures contract in mid-October, with facilities allowing netting of positions against the existing FTSE 100 index futures contract

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