Fin-Force prepares for payments outsourcing with Pegasystems

Fin-Force prepares for payments outsourcing with Pegasystems

Fin-Force, a joint venture company established by Beglium's KBC and EDS to offer outsourced payment services to banks, has contracted with Pegasystems for its rules-driven process automation technology, PegaCRM Investigations.

Fin-Force has been set up by KBC Banking & Insurance (KBC) and EDS to supply outsourcing capability for payments processing to financial institutions worldwide. KBC is the first banking customer to outsource it payments business to Fin-Force.

The joint venture required an integrated customer service and investigation solution that could be implemented quickly and efficiently, says Fin-Force. A further key consideration was the ability to provide its bank-customers with a Web self-service facility that would allow them to directly enquire about the status of their transactions online, in real-time.

PegaCRM Investigations operates across multiple channels and enables Fin-Force to interface with multiple customers' banking systems on one implementation.

Functionality for monitoring the duration of payment processing and investigations will be used to introduce per-transaction billing during a later phase of development.

Mark Weytjens, general manager, business and product development, Fin-Force, says: "The functionality of Pegasystems' technology enables us to be a lot more accurate and consistent when servicing our customers and the reporting capability will allow us to better manage and control the processes on behalf of multiple customers. Because the software is driven by rules, we can easily change a rule to further improve customer service."

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