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Investment Association launches cyber threat intelligence dashboard

Investment Association launches cyber threat intelligence dashboard

The Investment Association has launched a new cyber threat intelligence service to help asset managers navigate the changing security landscape in the light of Covid-19.

Developed by Anomali, the IA Titan platform, provides a real-time dashboard bringing together alerts from law enforcement, government agencies and other relevant authorities, on cyber hazards and risks, within the investment management community.

The alerts will cover a range of threats including: malware, ransomware, and software vulnerabilities.

Chris Cummings, IA chief executive, says Covid-19 has highlighted the critical role cyber security plays in ensuring operational resilience.

“As Covid-19 has shown, criminals are prepared to take advantage of any situation for their financial gain. The ever-changing nature of these online threats goes right to the core of IA Titant, which will provide industry-specific insights into cyber security threats, helping to keep customers and businesses safe.”

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