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SustainableFinance.Live will use healthy scepticism to promote ESG

SustainableFinance.Live will use healthy scepticism to promote ESG

Finextra Research will hold its second SustainableFinance.Live event on 23 March 2020 to peel away the misnomers and ‘greenwashed’ ideas about sustainable finance and explore the ways the industry can take proactive steps to deliver the UN SDGs.

Now open for registration, the one-day immersive event showcases a smattering of expert contributors who will introduce the day with insight into the green projects being launched across asset management and investment banking.

With $30 trillion of capital pledged to Sustainable Finance initiatives across the financial services landscape, there’s no shortage of commercial interest in refining and delivering SF projects effectively.

Attendees will first Lean In to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s exploration of their experience accessing early stage investment, and Refinitiv’s discussion of the data reporting difficulties that face ESG-minded portfolio managers.

The conversation around Sustainable Finance is plagued with buzzwords and propaganda. While some catchphrases are grounded in valuable research and developments, it’s difficult to know what, how, and why certain green finance initiatives are worth the hype.

Leaning Back, attendees will be given the opportunity to question industry leaders on the finer details of these concepts and projects at a series of roundtables.

By the afternoon workshop session, it will be more than apparent that not all ESG polices are created equal, so it’s vital to cut through the hype to see precisely how each link in the value chain helps work towards achieving the UN SDGs.

Attendees will finally Learn by Doing in the workshop by taking the key learnings from earlier sessions and carving out a real-world solution to an ESG dilemma posed at the outset of the event.

See the full agenda and register your interest to the SustainableFinance.Live event here.

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