Starling unveils three new Marketplace partners

Starling unveils three new Marketplace partners

The addition of Molo, Underpinned, and Paystream to the Starling Business Marketplace will take the neobank’s business integrations to 14, building on services catering to their 100,000+ business customers.

Online buy-to-let mortgage lender Molo, freelancer career management platform UnderPinned and digital accounting services tool Paystream will position the bank more closely to the needs of its business customers by providing a one-stop-shop for third-party products and services.

Anne Boden, founder and CEO, Starling Bank says: “Today’s entrepreneurs have grown accustomed to operating in a world where digital services are crafted around their particular needs. They expect the services they are offered to match closely with their business types, locations, and customer demographics.”

Starling has long borne the mantra of ‘feeling good about money’ and the addition of these services affirms the bank’s ethical commitment to ‘make banking more inclusive’ and achieving financial wellbeing.

Financial wellbeing continues to be in the spotlight following the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) release of the UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing, which reported that 11.5 million people have less than £100 in savings.

By simplifying access to mortgages and providing frameworks to streamline freelancers’ financials, such strategies have the potential to support and equip individuals gain greater control over their finances.

In December 2019 Starling announced the addition of its first legal services partner Sparqa Legal to its marketplace, meaning the platform now offers cloud-based accounting software, insurance, cyber-security, lending and loyalty programs which a customer can link to their Starling account through the bank’s APIs.

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