DTCC launches API marketplace

DTCC launches API marketplace

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) has launched an API marketplace it hopes will foster innovation and collaboration across developer and business communities.

The online DTCC 'app store' gives clients, partners and internal developers a single spot for direct access to the depository's processing functionality, as well as documentation and training materials to help developers use the APIs.

The DTCC recently launched its first API for Risk Management as a Service, which allows firms to gain greater insight into their current and historical unsettled positions to more efficiently analyse and manage risk and liquidity across functions and activities, including monitoring and surveillance and regulatory compliance.

More APIs for other products and services are in the pipeline, including one that will help clients submit, update, and query new and existing claims against corporate action events.

Lynn Bishop, CIO, DTCC, says: “In the on-demand, personalised service age of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, expectations have evolved, with clients now wanting to access services in different ways that are unique to their individual business needs.

"We are pleased to launch our new Marketplace and provide clients with API access that delivers the flexibility they need to conduct business the way they want to.”

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