Refco launches single-stock futures Web site

Refco launches single-stock futures Web site

Brokerage firm Refco has developed a single-stock futures Web site in preparation for the launch of the new trading instrument in the US markets.

The new Web site,, has been designed to educate and inform clients on the latest developments in the nascent market. Visitors to the site will be able to access product information, regulatory updates, charts, quotes as well as information on how to get started trading single-stock futures.

Joseph Murphy, chief executive officer of Refco Global Futures and executive vice president of Refco Group, says: "We believe that single-stock futures will be a significant new product that will provide continued growth for the futures industry and will allow Refco to continue to expand our equity futures product offerings."

Single-Stock Futures were expected to begin trading on 21 December, 2001, but last week the FIA and SIA requested additional time to consider various rule proposals and indicated that a launch of single-stock futures trading prior to the end of March 2002 is unrealistic.

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