SIX acquires stake in securities token issuer daura

SIX acquires stake in securities token issuer daura

SIX has acquired a stake in token securities issuer daura as it prepares for the live launch next year of its digital asset exchange SDX.

SIX, Swisscom, Sygnum Bank and the start-ups Custodigit and daura have been working intensively over the past few months to build an ecosystem for digital assets.

Sygnum Bank, which has became the world’s first digital asset bank to start operations in September, is also taking a stake in daura.

The same collaborative network is being used by Detusche Bourse, which last month completed a successful proof of concept for settling securities transactions using distributed ledger technology and the exchange of equity and cash tokens.

Daura offers unlisted companies a platform for a digital share register and the issue of security tokens. One digital token represents one newly created share. Functionally, the token is an unchangeable digital key created directly by the company. This enables SMEs to sell stakes in their company to new investors over the Internet.

“The biggest beneficiaries of a functioning digital asset ecosystem are ultimately investors and companies,” says Peter Schnürer, CEO of daura. “Shares of Swiss SMEs can be tokenised in just a few hours and transferred and settled almost in real time in the partner network.”

Johannes Höhener, daura chairman and Head of fintech at Swisscom, adds: “With the investment by SIX and Sygnum Bank in daura and future joint development work, we are standardizing the tokenisation of Swiss assets. There is also the possibility that SIX, in addition to Swiss Post and Swisscom, may get involved in operating the private blockchain ‘Consensus as a Service’.”

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