Former Revolut exec prepares for 'smart bank' launch

Former Revolut exec prepares for 'smart bank' launch

Sync., a multicurrency bank account aggregation and personal financial management service founded by Revolut's former head of product design and strategy, is preparing to launch in Europe.

Billing itself as the 'World's First Smartbank', sync. offers an all-in-one hub that allows users to open a sync. account in minutes, and link all existing financial accounts and cards.

Users are able to exchange currencies between their accounts and transfer money worldwide, and tap into a range of smart budgeting and spending features and in-app marketplace of third party services.

The account comes with a Mastercard card which generates a unique CVC number via the app for scure shopping. ATM withdrawals, contactless, swipe, international or online payment functionalities can also be turned on and off via the app.

Ricky Lee, CEO and founder at sync, says: “Sync. stands for transparency and inclusion. This means that everyone should be able to be in control of their finances, everyone should be able to send money home without the burden of unreasonably high fees, and everyone should be able to get financial services without unrelated requirements in order to get a good credit score.”

Prior to joining Revolut as one of the founding team, Lee headed up the UX/UI new look and feel of Lloyds Bank after seeing through the separation from Lloyds TSB to Lloyds Bank and TSB as two independent banks

The firm has opened a wait list for European European Economic Area residents with a view to launch next year.

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