TSB's IT problems in the spotlight once more

TSB's IT problems in the spotlight once more

TSB's hard-pressed IT staff are in the wars again, racing to fix a glitch that has delayed payments into the accounts of many of its customers.

The latest technical issues come just days after a damning report into the IT metldown at the bank last year that left customers locked out of banking services for weeks.

The bank initially blamed the Department for Work and Pensions and employers as the first flood of complaints from customers trickled in overnight. It is not yet clear how many customers have been left out of pocket by the breakdown, nor how long it will take the rectify the problems.

TSB customers have taken to social media to express their anger at the bank, with many vowing to switch their accounts. The bank has said that customers requiring emergency cash can contact it by phone - inevitably leading to jammed phone lines and more frustration for account holders. Also, it appear the 'emergency cash' offer is available only for those abroad.

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