Russian accused of running carding forum extradited to US

Russian accused of running carding forum extradited to US

A Russian man accused of running a website selling stolen payment card details has been extradited from Israel to the US.

US authorities allege that Aleksei Burkov ran 'Cardplanet', a site that was used to sell data from more than 150,000 compromised cards. Stolen US card details alone accounted for $20 million in fraudulent purchases.

Court documents claim that Burkov ran a second site that served as an invite-only club where elite cybercriminals could meet and post in a secure location to plan various crimes, to buy and sell stolen goods and services, and offer criminal services.

Burkov finally made his first appearance in US federal court this week after a lengthy extradition process.

He was arrested while on holiday in Israel in 2015, at the request of the Americans. However, Israel then found itself at the centre of a tug-of-war, when Russia filed a competing extradition request for him, according to Wired. An Israeli judge ruled that the suspect should be sent to the US in 2017. This was followed by an appeal from Burkov, which eventually failed.

Burkov is charged with wire fraud, access device fraud, and conspiracy to commit wire fraud, access device fraud, computer intrusions, identity theft, and money laundering.

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