Open Banking Europe publishes bank API directory

Open Banking Europe publishes bank API directory

Open Banking Europe, the entity operated by EBA Clearing subsidiary Preta, has published a directory intended to list all publicly available bank APIs in the European Union.

The PSD2 Transparency Directory meets the need of third-party providers (TPPs) and account-servicing payment service providers (ASPSPs) for a repository storing all key information on bank APIs in one single place.

It provides information on banks and brands, developer portals, end points and other information about the APIs, such as security and standardisation options. Contact information for both ASPSPs and TPPs will be stored in the telephone book, allowing regulated market participants to contact each other more easily.

The transparency directory currently contains information on over 1,500 developer portals of banks.

Information about other banks and financial institutions will follow in the next six months says John Broxis, Preta MD.

“OBE has stated that it will provide a directory of operational data since we started in 2017," he states. "Now that the APIs are published, and as they mature, there begins to be enough material to put inside it."

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