GNET goes live with ADP's hosted derivatives software

GNET goes live with ADP's hosted derivatives software

Tokyo-based brokerage firm Global Netrade Securities has implemented ADP/OMR's (a division of ADP Brokerage Services) ASP model for its derivatives transaction processing.

TradeThru delivers fully automated front to back office functions throughout the lifecycle of a trade, from deal capture, portfolio and risk management functions, to trade processing, confirmation and settlement.

The brokerage firm is using TradeThru to process derivatives trading activities for exchange options and futures. The solution features a Java front-end, Oracle RDBMS, and a secure connection via the Internet.

Edwin Kofi Sarfo, chief executive officer at GNET says: “We required an immediate solution for our futures and options processing needs. TradeThru meets all our requirements, and we were live in less than three weeks. ADP/OMR offered excellent support during and after the conversion."

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