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SIA brings contactless payments to Rome's public transport system

SIA brings contactless payments to Rome's public transport system

Romans can now pay for their railway and subway journeys with their contactless cards and NFC-enabled mobile phones, thanks to technology from SIA.

Public transport operator Atacis using SIA's technology infrastructure to enable the Mastercard, Visa or American Express contactless payments at turnstiles throughout Rome.

The system allows Atac to manage, authorise, account for and settle payment transactions and calculate the best fare according to the number of journeys made.

"From today Rome too can be counted among the most innovative cities in Italy th anks to SIA’s technology already adopted for contactless payments in the Milan subway system and on board ‘vaporetto’ boats in Venice. Our country is gradually accelerating the process of digitization of the Public Sector and above all in the area of mobility and public transport," says Eugenio Tornaghi, marketing and sales director, SIA.

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