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ABN Amro partners Ecochain to help biz clients go green

ABN Amro partners Ecochain to help biz clients go green

ABN Amro is teaming up with Dutch firm Ecochain to use sustainability and financial data to help business clients go green.

The bank argues that while many firms are eager to become more sustainable, they often lack objective insight into the environmental impact they make.

Ecochain helps with this through software that captures the link between sustainability and financial data, giving clients insight in their company’s footprint, including contributing processes and products.

ABN Amro will give its business clients access to this insight, with the bank's relationship managers sitting down with users to run through sustainability options. If the client needs funding, the data can help make a business case and help ABN Amro make a lending decision.

The partnership comes after a pilot involving 10 companies that identified carbon reductions of nearly 90,000 tonnes that could be achieved with 10 million euros of investment.

Friso van Lanschot, CEO, Ecochain, says: "ABN Amro is our ideal partner, thanks to its ambition, people and network. Together we can market our environmental intelligence software faster and more broadly, and help companies make their business operations more sustainable and circular."

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