Will you be able to make trades directly from your mind in 2069?

Will you be able to make trades directly from your mind in 2069?

What will trading technology look like in 50 years? Trades powered directly by thoughts, hardware that inhibits the influence of negative emotions, and mobile-phone based 3D trading rooms could all be in our future, predicts a report.

With the rise of algorithms and AI, many have predicted that humans will be increasingly sidelined in the trading arena.

But a group of writers and analysts from trading outfit IG have envisioned a world that in 2069 will see technology and people work in hand in hand. While some of the proposals may seem far-fetched, the company insists that they have drawn on existing research into areas such as neuroscience.

For instance, the report suggests that traders in the future could control trading platforms with their minds, opening or closing positions in around 0.1 seconds - about as fast as humans can react.

Alternatively, human brokers may be replaced by AI assistants that can talk with traders, suggest strategies and open and close positions quickly.

Traders may also end up using hardware to control their emotions. Logic and self-control would be strengthened, and emotions associated with poor choices would be inhibited. Trading platforms may be able to detect when fear or greed are influencing a trader, taking action to close positions or lock accounts to prevent them from taking unnecessary risks.

IG notes that experts have predicted that usable quantum computers could be just 20 years away, opening up the possibility of traders having faster and better analysis of big data to find hidden correlations.

Meanwhile, blockchain and cryptocurrencies may consign exchanges and fiat currencies to the history books, democratising trading by giving people access to a range of environments, enabling them to choose how they want to trade.

In addition, 3D volumetric interfaces will make it possible for traders to launch their own, personalised holographic trading floors from their mobile phones, controlling the virtual screens, managing positions with haptic feedback.

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