Armillion unveils diamond-encrusted contactless payments bracelet

Armillion unveils diamond-encrusted contactless payments bracelet

Attention oligarchs: you can now pay for your latest Lamborghini with a diamond-encrusted contactless bracelet that has a £1 million spending limit.

Made by Geneva-based Armillion, the 'Adamantos' bracelet is made of ceramic and 18k white gold, and is encrusted with 252 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 4.6 carats.

Adamantos is the etymology of the word diamond, explains the company, "which means indomitable, undefeatable; the attitude that will define its owner’s legacy".

The Mastercard-supported, battery-free bracelet allows for a spending limit of £1 million, with owners able to adjust the limits, access their balance, and turn payments on and off via an app.

Interested buyers may need to be quick, with Armillion making just 10 of the bracelets, each of which costs more than £60,000.

If that's a little steep, fear not - the firm has more affordable options, including the 'Black Beast', which has a grade 5 titanium polished structure.

Explains the company website: "Only the privileged who feel the embrace of Armillion on their wrist are able to understand our nonconformist search for the essence of luxury and purity in the finest materials elevated to the limit with shapes never achieved before."

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Martin Loat
Martin Loat - Purple Pot Ltd - London 13 May, 2019, 22:39Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

is the £1million pre-loaded onto the wrist band account? if so that's a nice little card fee right there.