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FIS vows to help community banks set up digital units in 90 days

FIS vows to help community banks set up digital units in 90 days

Fintech behemoth FIS has unveiled a tech package it promises will help US community banks and credit unions roll out standalone digital banks in just 90 days.

FIS Core on Demand offers digital capabilities and application integration of the vendor's omnichannel platform, delivered on demand via a Software-as-a-Service model.

The package covers online account opening and consumer online and mobile banking, allowing customers to seamlessly open new accounts across a variety of channels and do their banking and payments online.

Clients also get access to a repository of APIs and use cases that let small financial institutions develop and test products and services in a cost effective way.

Rob Lee, EVP, digital and banking solutions, FIS, says: "We have developed Core on Demand in direct response to the needs we’ve heard from community financial institutions to grow market share and better promote their brands among today’s increasingly digital-savvy consumers.

"Because the solution is cloud-based and core-agnostic, Core on Demand allows these institutions to bring to market a compelling set of digital offerings quickly, with minimal upfront investment."

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