IPC invests in GreenKey Technologies

IPC invests in GreenKey Technologies

Dealing room communications outfit IPC has invested in GreenKey Technologies (GK), the creator of AI, natural language processing tech for financial markets.

Details of IPC's "strategic" investment are not known but the deal gives it exclusive rights to GK’s next-generation machine learning voice technologies. IPC CEO Bob Santella also joins the GK board in a deal that marries GK's markets and customer insight extraction with IPC's trading communications expertise and cloud financial ecosystem of over 6400 market participants.

The companies already have a history, developing a set of tools and capabilities to enhance voice-to-text user workflows that is currently being rolled out worldwide to IPC customers. The new cloud-based offering enables IPC Unigy 360 users to harvest their audio streams as structured text data to enhance front, middle and back-office workflows, through the integration of voice across application and instant message services.

The workflow tools use GK AI to convert a user's voice quotes and trades into a streaming transcript as it unfolds in real time and is displayed on the user's desktop. The application can parse quotes and trades alongside conversational raw text, creating a real-time internal price data feed for organisations to easily scan and determine the most current state of multiple conversations for faster trading.

Says Santella: "Our investment in GreenKey is a powerful step in furthering financial services market transformation through artificial intelligence, natural language processing and data optimisation innovation. Looking forward, I am confident that our exclusive partnership will continue to greatly benefit IPC customers as they increasingly use voice-to-text for real-time trading communications.

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