Bank of America rolls out talking ATMs

Bank of America rolls out talking ATMs

Bank of America is to install more than 7000 talking ATMs across the United States. With a total of more than 3000 talking ATMs planned by the end of 2002, the rollout is expected to be complete by the end of 2005.

The talking ATMs provide audible instructions to persons who cannot view information on the screen. The machines make it easier for vision-impaired users to withdraw cash, deposit money and perform other ATM transactions by delivering spoken instructions through standard headsets.

Talking ATMs are part of a broader initiative at Bank of America to make accessible banking services for customers with vision impairments including account statements available in braille and large print and raised line cheques. The bank is also taking further steps to ensure that its Web site and online banking services are W3-C compliant, making them accessible to visually impaired persons whose personal computers use screen readers to audibly read text on a computer.

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