Estonia maps out plans to create regulatory sandbox

Estonia maps out plans to create regulatory sandbox

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is working with Estonia's Ministry of Finance on a technical assistance fintech project to support the creation of a regulatory sandbox in the Baltic state.

An inaugural workshop to discuss the project gathered more than 35 attendees that represented a wide range of market participants including start-ups, banks and innovators.

The creation of regulatory sandbox would provide a safe space for banks and startups to test novel concepts and products, promoting the country's ambitions to be become a fintech hub and easing the licensing and application process for nascent enterprises.

The EBRD, together with the European Commission and Estonian authorities have set a three month deadline to design and create the framework for the sandbox before submitting a list of recommended reforms to the Estonian Government.

In parallel, the EBRD has recently requested to join the Global Financial Innovation Network (GFIN) as an observer. GFIN is an amalgamation of regulatory bodies from multiple jursidctions working to create a cross-border global sandbox.

The EBRD states: "The observer status will allow the Bank to assist regulators, foster knowledge sharing and support the development of cross-border testing across its regions with more effectiveness."

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