Vantra introduces J2EE-compliant brokerage platform

Vantra introduces J2EE-compliant brokerage platform

US-based brokerage software house Vantra has launched a J2EE-compliant version of its online trading system Volts.

The Volts package is currently used by 90 traditional, online clearing and correspondent brokerage operations. The new version, Volts-J, promises enhanced flexibility, scalability and interoperability, says the company.

Jack Zwingli, president and CEO of Vantra comments: “Developing under Java J2EE standards ensures the highest level of system flexibility, while the n-tiered architecture provides unlimited scalability. Volts-J can help our customers get to market fast and cost effectively.”

Vantra is introducing the Volts-J platform to current customers, who use Vantra through either a software license or as an application service provider (ASP) turnkey solution.

“The emerging technology requirements for 2nd generation trading systems are directly related to the continuing growth in online account openings. These new accounts are two types – novice mainstream investors who want a lot of hand-holding and veteran investors who are moving assets into online accounts,” says Sang Lee, analyst at Celent Communications. “Both these markets demand information rich, multi-channel, and high-performance service. For a brokerage aiming to ride these trends, a J2EE-based solution like Volts-J can offer the kind of volume tolerance, customer management tools and adaptability that are required.”

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