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CaixaBank rolls out facial recognition at the ATM

CaixaBank rolls out facial recognition at the ATM

CaixaBank is offering customers the opportunity to use facial recognition technology rather than PIN codes to withdraw cash from ATMs.

The Spanish bank has already installed the technology - developed in concert with Fujitsu and FacePhi - in 20 terminals at four branches in Barcelona. The bank plans to progressively expand facial recognition across the entirety of its branch network from the second half of 2019.

CaixaBank is anticipating strong demand for the service, having conducted trials among customers whereby 70% said they would be ready to use it as an alternative to entering their personal identification code on a keyboard.

Among the benefits mentioned by users, 66% of respondents highlighted the sense of security that comes with facial recognition. The bank says the system has the capability of capturing up to 16,000 definable points when the user's face is presented at the screen.

Benjamí Puigdevall, head of CaixaBank digital business says registration for the programme can be conducted instore in "a matter of minutes" using employee tablets.

"In the current financial context of digital transformation, security and agility are key in transactions, and the incorporation of biometric technology at ATMs offers multiple benefits in these two areas," he adds.

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