Icici adds investment tool to revamped mobile app

Icici adds investment tool to revamped mobile app

India's Icici has overhauled it mobile banking app, introducing a host of features, including a robotics-based investment advice tool and voice-command fund transfers.

20 years after it rolled out India's first Internet banking service, Icici is vowing to reassert its position at the top of the country's digital table with new industry-first features.

The free Money Coach tool manages users' entire investment journey, offering automated advice on building and managing a portfolio. The app also now has a paperless KYC and online registration process for mutual funds.

Meanwhile, Icici has tapped Apple's Siri to let customers make fund transfers through voice commands while users can also manage their credit card security from their phones.

B Madhivanan, group executive and chief technology and digital officer, Icici, says: "As we look back, in the last two decades, we have focused on leveraging new trends in digital technology, mobile communications and social media.

"We saw India’s demographic dividend and the rapid strides in mobile technology years back and anticipated the disruption that mobiles would bring in to the society as a whole and also banking in particular. We predicted that we will witness shift in consumer preference towards doing everything ‘on-the-go’."

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