Credit Suisse turns up the disruption dial

Credit Suisse turns up the disruption dial

Credit Suisse has launched an annual Disruptive Technology Recognition (DTR) programme to scout out and work with top IT firms and technology startups likely to disrupt traditional enterprise IT infrastructures.

A joint initiative between the bank‘s investment banking and capital markets division and group chief technology officer function, the DTR Programme provides a framework for the exchange of ideas and the opportunity for collaboration with the bank.

Laura Barrowman, Credit Suisse group CIO says: "Credit Suisse views disruptive technology as one way to drive progress in terms of IT innovation. Our DTR Programme partners have looked at the current landscape and fundamentally want to alter it, for the better, with their vision. We look forward to learning from each other for years to come."

She says the 2018 DTR Programme looked specifically for "game-changing companies" that focus on improving IT infrastructure, with broad applicability across industries.

This year's cohort includes:

  • Exabeam is a security management company that uses artificial intelligence to monitor user and system behavior to help organisations protect their most valuable information against cybercriminals and insider threats.
  • ExtraHop performs full-content analysis of all network communications in real time and at line rate, allowing security and IT teams to visualise, correlate, and query network activities to detect threats and optimize performance.
  • Slack is a proprietary team collaboration tools and services.
  • ThousandEyes provides an "active monitoring" approach for understanding application delivery and every underlying network including the Internet, to quickly identify and resolve performance, availability, and service quality issues.
  • Zoom is a modern enterprise video communications platform, encompassing video, voice, chat, and content sharing services across all devices.

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