Ex SpaceX engineer launches  crypto exchange

Ex SpaceX engineer launches crypto exchange

A former engineer with Elon Musk's aerospace manufacturer SpaceX has launched what he claims is a public digital currency exchange with tools and services expected of an institutional standard.

The exchange has been developed by LXDX which is based in Malta and led by Joshua Greenwald.

According to Greenwald, existing cryptocurrency exchanges have been handicapped by lack of access to liquidty, substandard matching times, inadequate cybersecurity and a market fragmentation that has driven away potential investors. 

The LXDX exchange will aim to address these defficiencies by providing some of the features more associated with professional and institutional traders, says Greenwald. The accompanying promotional material certainly mentions all the features and terms that would be expected of such a claim.

This includes everything from algorithmic trading to dark pools and from smart routing to low latency.

It remains to be seen if the likes of LXDX and others that seek to bring the features of the wholesale market to the virtual currency world will succeed in bringing sufficient liquidity and managing any potential volatility. 

LXDX is not pursuing its venture alone though, having worked with US-based crypto hedge fund Autonomous Partners, global law firm DLA Piper and insurance broker Aon and securing some equity investment from, among others, Singapore-based Dymon Asia Capital Fund. 

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A Finextra member
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how can they solve problems (i.e. matching time) which depend on cryptoccy issuers?