Australian central bank assures public after outage

Australian central bank assures public after outage

Full service has resumed at the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) after it suffered a power outage on Thursday.

A statement issued by the central bank said that domestic payments including pension and welfare payments were unaffected by the events and that retail and corporate customers could make and receive payments, including payments made through its New Payments Platform.

Systems at the RBA were momentarily down when routine maintenance of its fire control systems caused an interruption of power to the bank's main data centre.

The incident at the RBA follows news of a cyberattack at the Bank of Spain earlier this week. The Spanish central bank reported that its services were temporarily disrupted by a denial of service attack.

While access to the bank's site was restricted due to the attack, the bank has stated that it "had no effect on the normal functioning of the entity".

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