"The digitisation of assets has started," says Eurex Asia head

"The digitisation of assets has started," says Eurex Asia head

Products of all asset classes, from commodities to securities and debt, will increasingly be reduced to bits and bytes on a blockchain network, believes Eurex Asia head Roland Schwinn.

When it comes to blockchain technology and digital currencies countries like Japan and Singapore are at the forefront of the revolution, says Schwinn in an interview with the clearer's inhouse magazine.

Based in Singapore, Schwinn has taken note of the growing allure of digital currency trading among institutional clients.

"Amongst our client base, most of the proprietary trading firms are already trading digital currencies or are at least observing," he says.

Buy-side clients, in particular family offices and hedge funds, have also become active, he adds.

The institutional push into digital currency markets in Asia is being mirrored across the globe, with multiple reports crossing the wires of multiple big ticket firms preparing to launch crypto trading desks.

"My personal view is that the digitisation of assets has started," states Schwinn. "The ways in which we transfer value will change in the future by using blockchain technology. This will include products of all asset classes including commodities, real estate, securities, debt and so on."

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